Stand Out in a Crowded Job Market with Hult’s Dual Degree

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Stand Out in a Crowded Job Market with Hult’s Dual DegreeGrowing up with dual nationality from Germany and Colombia and speaking three languages fluently, Sebastian Perez Hoyos felt like he was at home when he came to Hult. Through Hult’s abundance of diversity in the classroom and campuses located across the globe, Sebastian formed a valuable international network. He came to Hult with a passion for entrepreneurship, sales, and customer relations. Through his Master’s experience, he developed his business acumen, practical skill set, and growth mindset and now works as a senior account development representative for Planful.


How did you decide to pursue a Master’s degree programme?

I wanted a school that was modern and relevant to the rapidly changing job market. A school that taught you to be prepared for an unpredictable future and gave you the practical skills to cope in any business environment – Hult was perfect! I thought I could gain an extra competitive edge by doing a Dual Master’s Degree in International Business and Disruptive Innovation.

I also wanted to expand my international experience, grow my global network, and deepen my knowledge.

What was your most valuable experience during your studies?

The Hult Prize was a challenge that really developed my skill set. I gained more confidence, improved my communication, and honed my critical and creative thinking. I worked with talented and ambitious students who shared the same passion I did for social sustainability. We used each other’s strengths to come up with creative ideas and solutions to global issues. All our hard work paid off as we were flown to Veracruz in Mexico, where we worked with indigenous communities to provide safe drinking water. It’s experiences like these that give Hult students a true understanding of social responsibility and a competitive edge in the business world.

How would you describe the culture in your Master’s programme? Was it a good fit or a challenge for you and how has it influenced your overall experience?

The fact that Hult had campus locations in London, Boston, San Francisco, New York, and Shanghai was really appealing to me. The multicultural atmosphere in every campus is incredibly unique. I loved the fact that every team was put together for maximum diversity – it was a great way to understand a problem from different angles and see how people with different backgrounds think and solve a business challenge. I studied at Hult San Francisco and Hult Shanghai, which massively increased my cultural awareness and opened my eyes to a new way of living. I was exposed to new people and places, which in turn boosted my network beyond my expectations. One of the best things about Hult is the real-world experience you gain on the programme, and the skills that you develop along the way will help you in life way beyond graduation.

Which of the teaching methods are the most appealing and worthwhile for you?

Hult’s teaching methodology is centred around learning by doing, which is rare at university level. Most schools are focused on the theory but that doesn’t prepare you for the real world. At Hult, we were always encouraged to take the theory we learned in class and apply it to actual business problems and real client issues. A great example of this was an innovation challenge. As the winners of this challenge, my team and I were invited to fly to London to present our idea to the global board of innovation of Suntory. This first-hand experience of liaising with a company and solving a real business problem with a team taught me so much more than sitting in a classroom and reading a textbook could have done.

Has the Master’s degree helped you achieve better results career-wise, and how?

I studied many electives in disruption and technology topics, which gave me a great insight into concepts like AI, blockchain, IoT, and autonomous vehicles. This helped leverage my potential to land a job in an area that I’m passionate about.

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