Fortune Favours the Brave (Editorial)

by mba

Every one of us is building their own world full of passion, dreams, and a look beyond the horizon. A world that is authentic, unique and constantly evolving. Suddenly, over seven billion such worlds were brought to a halt as the pandemic spread across the globe. For a while, we all stood still holding our breath in the hope that just as suddenly everything would get back to normal.

But just as the globe keeps turning, our lives keep evolving. We can’t press the pause button and put our dreams on hold. We should keep creating our authentic worlds in what seems to be a new world. Indeed, there is change, a big change, and change is always a challenge. But it is in times of challenge that we unfold our true potential. It is then that innovation and perseverance guide us more than ever to new opportunities.

However, we should be daring; we should be brave enough to step up and reach out. This is critical when it comes to personal growth and professional development. 2021 showed that the world we all share needs knowledgeable, competent, and passionate professionals in diverse fields. It needs people with the dedication to literally “save the world”, no matter the scope, no matter the crisis.

Access to international education was challenged by the pandemic. Fortunately, education institutions stood up to the challenge. Fuelled by a high level of social responsibility, they adapted swiftly to the new environment, invested heavily in new teaching methodology, and massively incorporated online interaction to bring together the academic community. New learning formats enabled access and inclusivity when the travel and safety restrictions prevented some students, and faculty members, from joining together on-campus. Most importantly, universities and business schools kept a high standard of teaching. Education has taken a bold step into a new reality. In addition, it takes a lot of courage to alter a system as fundamental as education in times of global disruption.

It is equally important that, despite the uncertainty, students around the globe do not put their education and development plans on hold. Working professionals and students have explored their options in the new environment, at a crossroads such as education vs. a job, face-to-face vs. online, or study abroad vs. study in their home country. Although education is always a wise investment, it takes a leap of faith to plunge into a new journey amid worldwide turbulence. Fortunately, many have been brave enough, reveal reports of leading universities that have experienced a strong increase in applications – up by a remarkable 60%.

Indeed, fortune favours the brave – students, professionals, and organisations. It favours those who have the courage to not stay on hold for long; those who stay true to their mission; those who follow their goals with passion, innovation and determination. However, “Chance favours only the prepared mind” notes 19th century French biologist, microbiologist and chemist Louis Pasteur. And here, education plays the central role in setting professionals up for the standing start of an impactful career.

Now is the time to be both – brave and prepared.

Christophe Coutat
Founder and CEO
Advent Group

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